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The Best Places to Hunt Down a Cheap Nutribullet

With obesity becoming an epidemic in North America, it’s becoming more and more imperative that everyone opts for more salads and fewer burgers and french fries. Though, the more involved you get with a healthy lifestyle, the more expensive it gets!

Thankfully, your emulsifying blender doesn’t have to be a stressful investment. In fact, you already know the best model to improve your healthy lifestyle is the NutriBullet. The next question for you is how to get it as affordable as possible.

If buying directly from NutriBullet isn’t an option for you or simply isn’t affordable, there are alternatives. In many cases, buying used is just as good as buying new. Specifically, buying an Amazon-Refurbished NutriBullet or a used NutriBullet during an eBay private store sale. But, which option is better?

What is Included in the Amazon Refurbished?

The Amazon-refurbished NutriBullet is a great option because it is quite comparable to the original (new) version direct from NutriBullet. Yet, it is incredibly more affordable. You pay a fraction of the price and get the best personal, emulsifying blender on the market.

What’s included:

  • 600-Watt, High-Torque Base
  • Emulsifying Extractor Blade
  • 24 Oz Blending Cup and Comfort Guard
  • 18 Oz Small Blending Cup with handle and Comfort Guard
  • User Manual
  • Recipes
  • Nutrition Pocket Guide

In addition to getting everything that comes with the original, new NutriBullet, your Amazon Refurbished blender is certified by Amazon. This means that a team of Amazon professionals cleaned, repaired (if necessary), and tested your NutriBullet to ensure that it was in pique condition.

Most users have commented that they appreciate the affordability and reliability of two brand names coming together to offer what has become a kitchen staple. While in some cases buying used or refurbished is a risk, but in the case of the Amazon-refurbished NutriBullet, consumers are boasting that it really works.

Some users have complained that some of the models have dings or scratches on the motor base but have commended that it still worked perfectly and was acceptable for the value. Other users have confessed that the seal on the blender cups could be stronger.

What is Included in Ebay Private Shop Sales?

With the NutriBullet available in eBay private shop sales, you are getting the 600-watt, high-torque base guaranteed. Beyond that, you may get more or less than what comes with the original, brand-new NutriBullet.

In some cases, you may get more cups and adapters, while in other cases, you may only get what you absolutely need to get started.

Many users love this option as it is incredibly affordable and makes bargain-hunting more fun. You’ll find that some users aren’t a fan of this option because there are no guarantees or warranties protecting your appliance, which means if it stops working after a month, you won’t be able to get it replaced or repaired through the seller.

How are the Two Types Similar?

Ultimately, the main similarities are that both units are the original NutriBullet, and the original 600-watt power base is included. Additionally, both were previously used by other owners, possibly multiple owners. Most importantly – both versions are more affordable than the brand-new model, direct from the manufacturer.

In either case, you know that your NutriBullet is reliable, as much as it is desired. By choosing a used or refurbished NutriBullet, you are still choosing one of the best emulsifying blenders on the market.

You can make banana and peanut butter smoothies (yum) but also throw in a cup of spinach, carrots, or even squash.

Why is Amazon Refurbished the Way to Go?

When it comes to buying a used kitchen appliance, it is important that you are protected from defects, malfunctions, or the unit simply being DOA (dead on arrival). When you choose Amazon-certified refurbished, it includes a warranty.

The warranty will protect your financial investment, whether the motors burn out or the blade attachment isn’t sealing (leaking). Amazon will replace your unit or refund your money (in some cases). Whereas when you purchase from an eBay private store sale, you have to rely on the seller to guarantee your NutriBullet.

Your Shopping List Concluded

Both the Amazon-refurbished and private seller eBay are viable options for getting an affordable or cheap NutriBullet. You can almost always rely on eBay purchases to be satisfactory, but Amazon warranties your NutriBullet.

Both units will come with the power-base and everything you need to get started right out of the box at a very affordable cost. However, the Amazon-refurbished model includes everything you get in the original, brand new box.

Additionally, you can expect a unit obtained from either re-seller to come with cosmetic damage. Keep in mind that with the Amazon-refurbished, any performance-impacting damage would have been repaired and guaranteed, even though the scar (or scuff) of the damage remains.

In either case, both the Amazon-refurbished and private eBay seller used NutriBullets are a great way to get your healthy life on track while also being financially conservative.