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Bella Rocket Blender Review & Buyers Guide

Cheap and great results are the two words I would use to describe the Bella Rocket Blender. It may not be as popular or well-known as the Magic Bullet, Ninja, or Nutribullet range, but they certainly do the job just as well, if not better. Turn ice into powered snow, create your own baby food or grind coffee beans – this blender has the power to do it all!

Its lower price also lends the blender to some potential problems that you could face down the track. After browsing the reviews, I’ve compiled the good with the bad.

And now down to the review.

Up to 32 oz
1 Speed + Pulse
700 watts
5x Cups
2x Blades
Recipe Book
Dishwasher Safe
1 Year Warranty
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In the Box

The Bella Rocket Pro comes packed with:

  • Powerbase
  • Blending Blade
  • Grinding Blade
  • 3x large 24oz single-walled tumblers
  • 2x small 12oz single-walled tumblers
  • Shaker top
  • Travel lid
  • 3x storage lids
  • 2x lip rings

The Good

Bella Rocket Blender Pro comes packed with a powerful 700-watt motor. The power of the motor is almost equal to that of the Nutri Ninja Pro (900-watt) and the Nutribullet Pro (900 watts) and goes past the Magic Bullet’s 250-watt motor.

The Bella Rocket comes with an impressive range of extras that you won’t find with the leading brands mentioned above. The grinding blade is unique to this blender, allowing you to create your own spice mix, grind nuts or coffee beans. You also get more cups included with your purchase.

As you can see from the video above – the blender performs well. If you plan on creating green smoothies, this machine will serve you well. You won’t be able to produce hot soups, but you will create cold soup to heat up via the stove or microwave.

If you are tossing up between the Magic Bullet and the Bella Rocket Pro – go for the Bella. The Bella costs roughly the same as the Magic Bullet. The Magic Bullet won’t handle nearly as well with ice, nuts, kale, and frozen berries – not to mention you get less in the box.

The Bella handles roughly the same as the Ninja Pro and the Nutribullet 900. It shares some of their construction problems, fairing less sturdy – but it’s a decent value for money.

The Not So Good

The is the number one complaint about the machine – is the blade housing. Being a cheaper blender, it does suffer when it comes to building quality. The drive socket on the base of the blender and blade housing’s connector are made of cheap plastic.

Given the extra powerful motor – the plastic will wear down with consistent use. At this point, you will need to send the blade housing back or purchase a new blade housing if your warranty period is up.

Some of the complaints have centered around seeing a fine black powder (worn down plastic) or a black liquid (worn down plastic mixed with water). Brands such as Vitamix use a whole metal construction in these areas to ensure long-term durability.

The next chief complaint from people is that the blender is very loud – more so than your average blender. If you find this is the case, be sure to add in enough liquid when blending frozen ingredients.

Warranty and Returns

The warranty period for the Bella is one year. One benefit of purchasing through Amazon is the option to bundle your purchase with SquareTrade 2-Year or 3-Year Electronics Accident Protection Plan.

Amazon also offers a 30-day return policy, so if the Bella does not live up to your expectations, feel free to return it for a full refund – tho I’m quite sure you’ll be quite happy with your new blender.

The Final Verdict

If you are planning on using the machine every day – even twice a day, there is a chance that you will run into issues, and I’d recommend you consider something a little more durable such as the Nutrabullet 900. It does cost a little extra, but it’s durable.

On the other hand, if you plan on creating the occasional smoothie or grinding down your coffee beans, the blender will serve you just fine. In saying that, id highly consider the extended warranty (just to be on the safe side) offered by Amazon or your local retailer.