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3 Alkaline Smoothie Recipes to Start Your Day

Have you ever considered drinking alkaline smoothies for improving your overall health? Alkaline smoothies are high in pH level and are good for acid reflux. You may suffer from different health issues by following an acidic diet.

So, taking fruits and vegetables that have a high pH level will help in restoring and boosting your energy. Alkaline smoothies are free of sugar and caffeine and will help you in your weight loss journey. They can help to promote your immune system and protect you from various diseases.

Below I have revealed some nutritious alkaline smoothie recipes that are easy to make and are quite effective for your body too.

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Smoothies

We tend to eat more unhealthy foods (for some properties) such as fish, sugar, dairy, wheat, and meat daily. Therefore, our body leans towards an acidic state, which can lead to many internal health issues such as a weak immune system and causes our body to become tired or sick often.

So, we need to consume fruits and vegetables that have a high pH to balance the pH level of our body. Moreover, maintaining an alkaline diet will protect your body against serious health problems like cancer.

The fruits and vegetables that have a high pH are melons, lemons, banana, mango, and greens like spinach and kale.

The 3 Alkaline Smoothie Recipes

Here are some delicious and easy to make alkaline smoothies for breakfast that can make you feel energized.

1. Energized Green Smoothie

You can start your day with this alkaline breakfast smoothie that is packed with a high amount of minerals, vitamins, and will help in balancing your pH level.


  • Spinach – 1 handful
  • Kale – 2 large leafs
  • Chopped frozen mango – ½ cup
  • Banana – 1 whole
  • Lemon juice – 1 tbsp
  • Water – 1 cup


Wash the greens properly and put them in the blender. Peel the mango and banana and place them into the blender. After blending the ingredients, add water into it, and continue blending until smooth.

2. Refreshing Alkaline Smoothie

If you want a refreshing alkaline smoothie to start your day, then try out this recipe.


  • Fresh Spinach – 1 handful
  • Frozen Strawberries – 4
  • Cubed Watermelon – 1 cup
  • Banana – 1 whole
  • Almond Milk – 1 cup
  • Ice Cubes – 1 cup


Wash the ingredients and place them in the blender for juicing. Blend banana and spinach with half a cup almond milk and ice cubes and mix the other halves with strawberries and watermelon if you don’t want a brown smoothie.

Blend them until smooth and once done, pour both the smoothies together in one glass and enjoy.

3. Protein-filled Alkaline Smoothie

This smoothie is filled with rich protein, which you can drink after an intense workout.


  • Avocado – 1
  • Spinach – 1 handful
  • Banana – 1
  • Almond Milk – 1 cup


You can use either a frozen or peeled banana. Place all the ingredients in the blender and blend them until smooth.

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Wrap Up

Instead of having tea or coffee every morning, try these alkaline smoothie recipes, which takes only a few minutes to make, plus you can have them after every meal. They are not only easy to make but also benefit you by protecting your body from various diseases.