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Magic Bullet Replacement Parts and Accessories

The good old Magic Bullet has been around for quite some time. It serves people around the globe faithfully producing smoothies and homemade favorites. As faithful as it is – given enough time, your likely to run into problems at some stage.

The Magic Bullet only comes with a one-year warranty – unless purchased through an online retailer such as Amazon who offers services such as SquareTrade, which offers a 3-year electronic protection plan (extra) with your purchase.

Given the manufacturer doesn’t always sell the original components, you’d be hard-pressed to locate them in a retail store. Your next best option is to source a reputable online supplier who can provide you with the next best thing.

Parts and Accessories

In answer to a common question, I get asked – Do you know where I can purchase replacement parts for my Magic Bullet? – Below I have linked to the most popular suppliers on Amazon who provide quality Magic Bullet replacement parts and accessories.