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Blenders with Ice Crushing Performance

Are you on the hunt for a top-of-the-range blender with ice-crushing capabilities? If so, you can’t go past the Vitamix or Blendtec range.

You could attempt the same with a regular shelf blender – although your results will be far from what you would expect. The sad truth is that these blenders don’t have the powerful v8 motor of the Vitamix or the Blendtec or their unique design.

Below, I’ll further discuss the defining features that make these two blenders the clear-cut winners.

Vitamix Pa-1957-rent
Pro 750
Up to 64 oz
Variable Speed + Pulse
1200 Watts / 2.2 HP
1x Pitcher
1x Blade (Dull)
Recipe Book
Hand Wash Only
7 Year Warranty
Check Price at Amazon
Blendtec Designer
Up to 36 oz
8 Speeds + Pulse
1560 Watts / 3.0 HP
1x Pitcher
1x Blade (Dull)
Recipe Book
Dishwasher Safe
7 Year Warranty
Check Price at Amazon

Power – A Defining Factor

When selecting your ice crusher, the power of the motor is an important factor. The main reason why mainstream blenders fall short of this feature is that they don’t pack enough punch.

A good blender needs to be powerful, yet be safe enough to be plugged into your PowerPoint. That limits blenders to a maximum of around 1500 watts of potential power.

The Vitamix blender comes loaded with a 1200 watt motor while the Blendtec comes with a 1560 watt motor. The more generic models offer motors as low as 400 watts of power. In short, the Vitamix and Blendtec blenders have more watts to push the ice around while crushing it. These heavy-duty blenders will power through anything you put before them.

Both blenders come with a built-in over-heat function that switches off the blender for a couple of minutes while the motor cools down. Other generic models don’t have this feature – causing the motor to overheat and burn out.

Design – Where Others Fall Short

The wattage of a blender is a good indication but doesn’t always determine how well the blender is going to perform – as seen in the video above. The design of the blender in terms of its jar and blades is the other part of the equation.

Good blender move ice and food constantly, sucking it down through the blades then pushing the contents up the sides of the jar – whirling it around in a constant vortex.
This is largely determined by the shape of the jar. Wider jars allow the contents to fall down to the blades more easily. Narrow jars and those more shaped like a tube have a harder time – requiring you to push the ice down with a tamper or kitchen spatula.

The shape of the bottom of the jar is also important. Flat bottomed jars slow down the motion of the contents. The Vitamix has a rounder base while the Blendtec is a little flatter. Think of this as if you are in your car taking and about to take a bend – which is easier to navigate – a sharp bend or a wide curve? It’s the same for the Ice you want to crush in your blender.

Blade size also matters – the smaller the blades the poorer the performance. The angle of the blades is also important as this defines how well the blender will catch the ice or any other contents. A blender that has its blades closer to the sides and bottom of the jar does not allow food to pass without being chopped. The Vitamix and the Blendtec are designed in this manner.

Price – Worth Every Cent

If you find the blenders to be a little out of your price range – you can always opt for a Certified Refurbished unit. Amazon supply a wide variety of refurbished Vitamix and Blendtec blenders that come with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Before these blenders go up for sale, they go through a rigorous checklist – according to the manufacturers. Once the blender passes the inspection and deemed ready for use it is certified as refurbished; packaged up with a new jug, blades, and other accessories (varies from model to model).

The units are given a new warranty – 5 years for the Vitamix and 7 years for the Blendtec. The blender is then passed to distributors such as Amazon for resale. This is a great way to cut down on the costs.

No matter which blender you decide to go with, it will most certainly make a fine addition to the kitchen. These blenders are capable of so much more than crushing ice. When faced with the decision, I purchased the Vitamix (s30) and make soup and green smoothies.

Best of luck and I hope you have enjoyed these Best Blenders for Crushing Ice challenge!