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Magic Baby Bullet Blender plus Steamer Review & Buyers Guide

The Baby Bullet Blender is designed for creating affordable fresh baby food from the comfort of your home – free of preservatives and unwanted sugars. Is the baby bullet strong enough, given its 200-watt motor? Are the results as consistent as those you expect from the shelf jars?

Find out in this review…

Magic Bullet BBR-2001
Baby Bullet
Care System
200 Watt Motor
Single Speed
No Pulse
8 Cups
Dishwasher Safe
1 Year Warranty
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Baby Bullet Accessories

  • Power Base
  • 1x Extractor Blade
  • 1x Milling Blade
  • 1x Batchbowl
  • 1x Small Cup
  • 1x Spatula
  • 1x Batch Tray
  • 6x Storage Cups
  • 1x Resealable Lid
  • 1x Freezing Tray
  • 1x Manual & Cookbook
  • 1x Nutrition Guide

The baby bullet comes with an instruction manual and recipe book to help guide you through creating your baby food. The is a good place to start – fine-tuning the process until you discover what your baby likes to eat. The book covers recipes up to the toddler age.

A handy feature included with each of the baby food capsules is the ability to rotate them to show dates. You can use the date as an indication of when the food may expire. They are also safe to store in the freezer.

The Baby Bullet Steamer (Optional)

The steamer is a great way to both sterilize your vegetables and soften them up before you add them to the baby bullet. This will ensure a smooth, consistent texture as the motor in the baby bullet isn’t very powerful.

To use the steamer, you start by dicing up your fruit and vegetables into small cubes. Add water to the steamer’s tray as directed in the instruction book. The book tells you the setting (1 to 5) and how much water needs to be added to a steam individual ingredients such as carrots or peas.

You then place the green rubber tray over the silver tray containing the water. There are two parts to the rubber tray. The first part allows you to boil eggs, and the second is designed to hold your diced ingredients.

Secure the dome-shaped lid to the steamer, ensuring there are no gaps for the steam to escape. Select the correct setting – 1 through 5 – then press the start button. The steamer will make a small noise, and the lights will blink to indicate the food is ready.

Using the Baby Bullet Blender

Before we dive into this section, it’s important to note that you cannot add hot ingredients into the cup as there is nowhere for the heat to escape – so boiling hot water to create porridge is out.

Add your ingredients to the blending cup – steamed or fresh such as apple and banana. Screw the extractor blades onto the cup, ensuring it’s nice and tight. Place the cup onto the base of the blender and firmly press down, and twist clockwise.

Give the base a little nudge should the ingredients become stuck while blending. The blender won’t turn off once complete; you’ll need to be the judge. To wrap things up, twit the container counterclockwise and remove the cup from the blender’s base.

Remove the extractor blades from the base and place your newly created baby food into the small BPA-free baby capsules.

Some Point to Consider

While the Baby blender will do a good job at creating baby food, there is something you need to be aware of. First, the baby bullet blender is just like any other blender in terms of the noise it generates, so it’s best not to operate the machine during nap time.

The blender will do a great job if you are blending or combining soft ingredients – including those steamed. The 200-watt motor does limit what you can do. Adding tough ingredients such as raw carrots won’t create a consistent puree – the motor doesn’t have the power to pull the food down into the blade, so you have to shake and jiggle it.

The instruction manual states not to use the blender for longer than 25 seconds. The more solid the ingredients, the more time you will need. People have reported the blender turns self-off after this as the motor gets too hot and needs time to cool down – sometimes omitting an odor.

If you don’t plan on steaming your veggies beforehand – a blender such as the Nutribullet Pro may be a good option. Containing a powerful 900-watt motor, it’s more equipped to liquefy tough ingredients and create green smoothies for you!

A Final Word

The Baby Bullet Blender will work just fine if you plan on blending soft ingredients such as banana, apple, and grapes. It will also puree vegetables if you plan on steaming tough ingredients such as carrot and sweet potato first.

Not steaming these items first will require you to use the blender for longer, causing the unit to possibly overheat or leave lumps in the food, as the motor is not very powerful. In cases like this, you may be better off with a stronger blender.

Over 60% of the 600+ reviews on Amazon give the blender a 4-star rating and up – not too bad. If you are still on the fence with this one – you can always try the system for 30 days (through Amazon) and return it – if it does not meet your expectations. You also have the option of extending the one-year warranty through Square Trade.